200 Hour RYT Teacher Training

Full-time certified 200hr yoga teacher training / immersion.

Unlock the deep potential of your personal practice and immerse yourself fully in all elements of yoga. Whether intending to develop your capacity to teach and share yoga with others or as a personal enrichment of your relationship with all elements of yoga.

These are just some of the things you can achieve with Yoga Zone’s RYT 200 hour vinyasa-based teacher training programme – a one month immersion that becomes your ideal environment for genuine transformation and beautiful change.

The program will run full day Monday to Friday and include also class and practice sessions on Saturday or Sunday mornings, covering 200 hours of formal training.

Registered with Yoga Alliance, you will receive an accreditation certificate from them and Yoga Zone.

The entire program is divided into thematic areas or modules. Each with theory components and predominantly of practical and experiential learning. Required and suggested readings compliment additional information bases prior to and during the course.
The entire program is strongly practical and experience-based and focused on developing a profound understanding of the themes and a deep appreciation for the tenants of yoga and its practice. Integrating more of it into our knowledge, practice and lifestyle streams.
You will not only gain insight and knowledge but the body and mind will be profoundly affected by the daily practices of in-depth asanas.
There are no prescriptions, denominations, religions, infringements or prejudices for or of any individual or beliefs. The only practical requirement is that a person has some basic experience with yoga practice and that is in an appropriate state of health for the course.
Our teaching and training is informed and inspired by the thousands of years of yoga tradition (tried, tested and refined) and by the extensive resources, knowledge and community we have in our contemporary world. Hence a course with a long reach from ancient knowledge to modern application and practice.
The teaching team is comprised of Yoga Zone senior teachers with decades of experience, doctors, scholars, body therapists and other experts. The majority of the program will be conducted at the Yoga Zone studio, between our 2 yoga rooms, but will also include study at an Ashram and other yoga institutions throughout the month.
There are only 12 to 15 places on the course as we keep it to a small group for more personal and in-depth work and in order to best deliver what is most enriching and inspiring for all.

Below a brief overview of the thematic areas.
These are not equally weighted in time allocation and all thread into each other throughout the course program.  

1. Yoga History and Yoga Philosophy. The yoga sutras & more, yoga ethics and lifestyle choices. Teachings, discussions, practicals.
2. Anatomy and Physiology – the body systems, relations to ayurveda and yoga. The energetic body. Expert input, practice, assignments, applications.   
3. Asana Study and Practice – learning correctly, foundations to intermediate, techniques, adjustments, training, teaching, – focused on Vinyasa for content. Other yoga styles and practices. Predominantly practical led by 3 senior teachers.
3.1. Broadening our yoga practice – chakras, mudras, tantra yoga, The 8-limbs – theory incorporated into practice, asana, meditation, pranayama and teaching techniques.
4. Pranayama and meditation, yoga nidra. Science, traditions and teachings, practice and experience.
5. Wellness and Wholeness – holistic health, Ayurveda, personal options and choices, the global community. Teachings and practical applications.
6. Teaching components (planning, delivery, class components), heated and un-heated yoga, teaching techniques, codes of conduct, yoga ethics, community diversity and responsibilities
6.1 Teaching practicals and assessments. Giving a class. Individual electives – adjustments, yoga therapy, pre-natal, kids yoga,
7. Practical hours – prescribed and elective guided classes and self-practice.
7.1 Ethical business modelling and yoga in the modern context. 

For the full certified course:
The full fee R 23 500.00 (VAT incl.)
If required – a payment plan over 3 to 6 months can be arranged with the studio.
A deposit of R 4000 confirms your booking
Provisional booking & registration:
Places are limited to a small group and it is expected to reach capacity.
Contact us to enquire or make a booking.
studio@yogazone.co.za     021 4218136
We look forward to working and learning with you on our yoga journey.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have