Yoga Zone has left its studio and temporarily closed.
We will be back with our next chapter early this year.
Join some classes with Fulvio at various locations, or for privates and yoga therapy.
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– Classes with Fulvio –
Outdoor and small group classes in Gardens / Kloof area
Tuesday 5:30pm ; Sunday 9:00am
Private classes  /  your own group
email [email protected] to enquire or join


We have been a dedicated, full-time yoga studio since 2002 and specialise in both heated and unheated classes.
Modern and fully equipped studio in the Lifestyle Centre On Kloof (by Wellness Warehouse) and from 1st December we are taking a break 

New chapter in early 2022 and very exciting.




With 2 spacious yoga rooms for a diverse program of classes, workshops and trainings.

Heated classes

In our thermodynamically controlled studio we are able to maintain the optimum conditions for the greatest benefits of hot yoga.
The room is kept at around body temperature (lower in summer and bit warmer in the winter chill) with humidity and fresh-air regulated through a sophisticated system. Our studies have shown that too hot simply results in heat fatigue, affects blood oxygen levels and can be harmful.

VINYASA FLOW: Our signature dynamic style. Classes typically are guided by the teacher through sequences of yoga asanas at a flowing pace regulated by conscious breathing and mindful adjustments in the postures. This defines the vinyasa and its dynamic elements without being fast-paced or too physically demanding – a balance between mindful yoga and great body work to inspire, clarify and connect to our best selves. All levels from beginner to more experienced.
BIKRAM STYLE/HOT26 – is coming back at our new location in SeaPoint: Yoga Zone introduced Bikram Yoga to South Africa in 2001 and has kept it as a very accessible and beneficial practice for all and any level of practice. Bikram yoga is a series of 26 postures and breathing exercises always done in the same format – one asana at a time and then repeated for a second set. The progression through the class is from standing postures and stretches to floor postures and spinal work to complete the session. By popular demand and contemporary changes the classes are 60 minutes long.

Unheated classes

In our spacious and airy second yoga room we have multiple daily Vinyasa classes, Mysore and Ashtanga classes. Workshops and trainings are held in both rooms.

VINYASA: A somewhat slower and deeper format of vinyasa dedicated to inspire a more personal and inward experience and opportunity to explore and develop one’s practice, flexibility, adjustment and correction. The use of yoga props, straps etc is often incorporated into the practice to make it more accessible, therapeutic and a profound experience for all, whatever level, body or mind state. These vinyasa classes are 75 minutes long.
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