Ok, so we realise we need to use yoga as one of our greatest gifts right now. Movement and Mindfulness.

How and what does that mean. It’s simple 
– you’ll need to book your YogaZone class using the MindBody app on your phone or portable device (see below HOW-TO). 
– you’ll attend the class live In-Studio or OnLine on Zoom 


MINDBODY APP – HOW TO… very straightforward
– Download the MINDBODY app and find YOGAZONE
– existing members you will find your profile with name and email you had with us before – if not , simply create a new profile for yourself
– register with your email and choose own password if needed.
– NEW members create a new profile with us using your e-mail.

Any issues just email us [email protected]

ENSURE YOU OPT-IN FOR AUTO-EMAILS on the app to receive your booking code – email us if you encounter glitches – 

Booking classes: 
Go to YogaZone on MINDBODY app for schedule.
Book for any of the classes or other sessions – ensure you book for the correct class (each have a clear name and title).
Receive a Booking Confirmation email – ensure you OPT-IN to Auto-Emails on the app.
For online classes – 60 – 30 mins before the class you’ll get another email with the Zoom ID for that class.
Go to Zoom (website or app) and use the ID code to attend the session live.

Classes are scheduled and broadcast live. 
Simple and free for you to set up and use.
– download Zoom (website or app – best viewed on a bigger screen).
– create a free account
– use the specific Zoom Meeting ID code to attend the class
(you will receive by email 1-2hrs before the class).

Excited and inspired by our yoga program (virtual & in-studio), by the wide attendance we are receiving and by the dedication and loving efforts of our yoga teachers. Making it work for yoga together. Best wishes to us all.