Yoga + Massage Session

Join Sara on her next Yoga & Thai Massage Release and Reset-session, 23 February, 4:00pm – 6:30pm .
An interweave of gentle yoga and releasing massage therapy designed to deeply relax the body, cleanse and energise and calm the mind . The session begins with a breathing technique and gentle dynamic movement and progresses to deep and slow yin yoga combined with components of Thai massage and assists (gentle palm and finger pressure, extensions and releases, rocking and some body adjustments) – embraced by a musical journey, oil scents and guided relaxation.

All Asanas are seated or lying down and done slowly. Props and eye masks will be used to deepen the journey and inviting the nervous system to reset and soften. Bring your own if available.
Relax, Release and Restore body and mind in this 2,5 hours restorative practice as you tap into your still essence and restore.
All levels, ages and bodies welcome.
No yoga experience is required though it can be helpful.

Prepare for the session:
Hydrate during the day and eat light no later than 1 hour before session. Wear comfy clothing, feel at home 🙂

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