Posture Clinics / Mini-Workshops

Online Workshop Elaine

With Elaine Seidel – senior teacher and yoga-alignment specialist.
A collection of essential mini-workshops for your home practice. 
– Inspire and evolve your yoga – its the greatest tool we have right now.
– Learn and appreciate the profound structures and benefits of key postures.
– Work with correction and alignment for best results with your own body and practice. Safe, correct, therapeutic.
– Gain fundamental skills to continue growing and learning in your online yoga. 
Four thematic areas covering the full yoga-body spectrum to incorporate into your practice. 
Each are 45 mins (including 10 mins Q&A with Elaine) with personal guidance offered if opted for.  

Sundays 9:30am 

1: JUNE 14: The Sun Salutations. Surya Namaskar A & B. Master of all yoga sequences. Warm, strengthen and align the body. Mobilise breath and maximise benefits. A more pronounced, intense and concentrated experience – get to know and use your whole yoga.

2: JUNE 21: Standing Warrior poses and Lunges. Virabhadrasana, Anjaneyasana. Sequences and variations. The inherent power in yoga asana. Gain and maintain poise with strength and control and enable the asanas and sequences to do their magic. 

3: JUNE 28: Twists and Hips: Work correctly through resistance, deeper inside the body and set the best alignment. Make space for yoga’s therapy and a progression in flexibility and stability. Love and repair for skeleton and organs. 

4:  JULY 05: Back Bends and Shoulders: Care and love for the spine and for the shoulders. Giving back to our vulnerabilities through yoga. Enable deeper backbends correctly and mindfully and gain the benefits. De-stress shoulders and neck and have the tools to improve and maintain mobility and flexibility.

Book with Yoga Zone on the MindBody app or just send us an email.
R70 single
R250 for the four
Payments by EFT, SnapScan and Credit Card

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