Heated Vinyasa

Vinyasa yoga is our most popular hot yoga style that we have been teaching and developing for many years. Vinyasa Yoga is a flowing, dynamic style synchronizing movement with breath. Also called Power yoga after its energising and toning characteristic. Yogazone pioneered heated Vinyasa yoga in South Africa. We have been giving classes in Cape Town since 2002 and have developed extensive experience in this field and have had hundreds of thousands of class participants.

This 60 minute class draws on balance, movement and focus and is rewarding for both the beginner and advanced student. At Yoga Zone a typical Vinyasa session will feature standing and floor postures, core strength, arm-balances and tension-releasing asanas (hip-openers, backbends etc). Increased cardiovascular fitness and mind-body focus come with practice. Our teachers are specially selected to ensure we consistently deliver Vinyasa yoga classes of the highest standard. We recognise that every person has a unique experience with their yoga. Our methods and policy is to inspire our bodies and minds to improve through yoga. This always in balance with our capacity and experience. Yoga perfect does not exist. It is all just yoga practice. One day, one class, one breath at a time. As yoga therapy, these classes are of great benefit. Whether to repair injury, strengthen core support or calm the mind.

By the end of class you will feel invigorated, cleansed, centered, and eager for the next session.

Music is an integral part of Power Vinyasa Yoga – we create our own playlist from a wide range of music selected to enhance your yoga experience.


Bikram yoga is a set sequence of 26 postures, each posture building on the one before it. It’s an excellent beginner’s yoga, perfect for learning the basics of yoga asana – also challenges more advanced students because each posture can be developed further. As a beginner to Bikram yoga we recommend you take it easy your first few sessions. Once you have practiced 3 or 4 classes you will find the yoga a lot easier and start noticing the many benefits.

Bikram Yoga is taught in a heated room so that muscles,  joints and ligaments are able to stretch further without risk of injury. The heat facilitates release of toxins through sweating. By the end of the 90-minute class, the body has been exercised fully, inside and outside. The mind is focused, calmed and cleared. You will feel fantastic and keen for your next series of yoga classes. Repetition makes it familiar and enables all the benefits. Compliment your Bikram practice with Vinyasa yoga classes too.

Yogazone has been teaching Bikram yoga classes in Cape Town since 2002. Our teachers are all very experienced, specialised and professional yoga teachers. Many of them also teach Vinyasa yoga and hence are not limited to, and by, only one style of practice.

Express Bikram class (60 minute yoga class)

A bite-sized Bikram class. Following the same sequence of 26 yoga asanas as the 90 minute class but trimming some of the floor series repetitions. This brings you a class done in 60 minutes without missing any of the benefits. For some this better suits their timeframes and level of yoga and it is a great beginner yoga class.

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