Lifestyle On Kloof , Kloof st (by Wellness Warehouse)

We are thrilled to present to you the manifestation of our dreams for the expansion of Yoga Zone.
We were the first large and dedicated hot yoga studio in South Africa (est. 2001) and are  very proud of the contribution we have made to the development and growth of yoga in Cape Town.
So we are harnessing these 16 years of experience, our dedicated team and some of the best teachers to again lead the development of yoga locally.

We opened our new premises on 1st December, next to Wellness Warehouse in the LifeStyle Centre on Kloof Street, Gardens.
All memberships have been transferred. See below for queries.
You will experience the growth and expansion of Yoga Zone in the new studio.

2 Yoga Rooms  –  Heated and Unheated

Full facilities as per current studio

Expanded yoga program – more daily classes, training programs, regular workshops, international guests, retreats . . . and more..

Your favourite and best teachers from Yoga Zone and the rest of Cape Town in a fantastic new location, for your on-going yoga bliss.

Unheated Yoga Room: Vinyasa, Hatha, Adjustment classes, Ashtanga, Yin, yoga therapy, prenatal, kids yoga, meditation, Yoga Nidra and more….

Heated Yoga Room: – a continuation of our hot yoga program – Vinyasa and Bikram – that we have specialised in over the last 16 years.

Having two yoga rooms enables us to do trainings and regular workshops, to also host guest and international teachers and to have a full yoga program responsive to the needs and growth of the yoga community.


We are committed to meeting our obligations to the currently active memberships and to encourage the return of those we have not seen recently.

We respect that it may not be feasible for some current members to transfer to the Lifestyle Centre (It is only 2,1km away so don’t panic).


We will seamlessly transfer your membership to the new Lifestyle Centre studio for your continued yoga practise. You will have access to broad spectrum of heated and unheated classes expanded program with two yoga rooms, a fantastic location, the familiar team and other experts and the highest standards of training, workshops, retreats. The best yoga studio in Cape Town.
If you are unable to continue your yoga membership with us at the new location, we are really sorry you can’t join us now and hope to have you back in future. We  strongly recommend you try out the new studio before deciding because it really will be the best in Cape Town. You can chat to Tegolin Markham, our member liaison, who will personally attend to your membership and offer you opportunity to experience the new one and decide without rushing into it. Her details below. If you have an active and valid membership extending beyond 01 December, you have the option of a pro rata refund of your remaining class or time credits. Tegolin will assist you with this.
Please note we will not refund for your non-attendance and you need to advise us of your termination of membership and refund request by no later than 04 December.
You will remain as a registered but inactive Yoga Zone student and are welcome to re-join us at any time.

To ensure that all memberships are transferred or terminated effortlessly and all your queries addressed, we have appointed a dedicated client liaison person.
Tegolin Markham will be available during business hours, please don’t hesitate to call or mail.

Tegolin Markham  |  082 824 4555  |  membership@yogazone.co.za