Yoga Workshop with Elaine Seidel. Back to Basics, Yoga Empowerment


Saturday 25 February 2017
2:00pm to 4:00pm
R 275    |   Booking essential

Returning to our foundation is vital, on and off the mat.
If we don’t look after it -“cracks” appear; forms become weak and misalignment takes place, resulting in injury. This is true of life in general, so a strong foundation, creates a powerful structure. But all structures need TLC. Hence this Workshop is just what you need.
Time, space and instruction to truly explore accuracy and depth, comfortably in your postures.

My Back to Basics Workshop is an opportunity to smooth out the cracks and file away the small misaligned edges of your yoga practice.
The afternoon workshop program will focus around the following:

1) correct use of hands and feet to most efficiently engage the leg and arm muscles, so that postures feel light and supported.
2) Learning how to use a neutral spine for safe asana practice.
3) Experience and practice hands – on- adjustments, to truly learn how to place your body in poses.

This workshop will be a multi sensory experience so that you can learn though sight, touch and hearing of instruction.
Empower yourself, by empowering your practice.

see you on the mat

Elaine       021 421 8136

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