Bikram Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga Classes in Cape Town since 2002

YOGA NIDRA back from 22 September – Sundays after our 09.30am class.
SATURDAY MORNINGS – our new class – Deep&Slow Vinyasa with our senior teacher Will.

- Bikram and Deep&Slow Vinyasa classes are 90 mins and Vinyasa 60 mins – scroll over classes to view teacher and info -


Public holidays – classes in the morning only.
See above for 
details per date.

Our signature style hot Vinyasa flow class. 60 minutes

Instructive class for the curious and new

Beautiful, classic hot Bikram yoga series. 90 minute class

We are open 7 days a week and also have classes on public holidays. (see above for class time details). All yoga classes in both Bikram and Vinyasa styles are heated. Our dedicated professional team of teachers are selected to teach a range of classes throughout the week. A perfect Cape Town yoga haven. This gives you access and experience with all of our teachers. Each brings out personal and unique aspects to our yoga practice. All our classes accommodate beginners to more practiced yoga students.

Our Free Beginner classes on Thursdays are there as an additional extra for you and your friends. As a beginner to yoga it is not necessary that you attend these classes.

All our regular classes cater for all levels and even for the novice, it is easily grasped within a few sessions.Yoga practice develops through the familiarity of regular repetition. As we are all very different, our yoga practice is different and unique to every one of us. We offer classes in Bikram yoga and Vinyasa yoga styles which complement each other very well. All our classes are heated.
Special events, workshops and guest teacher yoga classes are hosted throughout the year. Details can be found on our Events page and Facebook page. Generally we host special classes, courses and workshops on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and weekend afternoons.

Contact us for private yoga classes and corporate yoga events. We will match you with one of our teachers best suited to the requirements of your yoga – therapy, pre-natal, yoga asana etc.